Can't debug Intellij Plugin i'm developing

Hi all,
I'm developing an intellij plugin. The first thing I did was follow the steps to develop a plugin here and I successfully got a first plugin made and it debugged properly. Next I created a new project to start on my actual plugin i'm developing, but now whenever I try to "Run -> Debug" it, it starts to debug the old project. I don't even know where the old project is now, I deleted the old code, but somehow it's still running that old plugin instead of the current one.

Any help is appreciated.


Furthermore, whenever I try to run it as an application configuration it works fine. It's only whenever I try to run it as a plugin configuration that it doesn't run the proper code.


I would try to change "Sandbox home" in the IntelliJ SDK settings, it will result in making a clean instance


Thank you so much. I just removed everything from that directory and it worked


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