Maven integration is making IDEA unusable (CPU snapshot provided)

Build 9732, Win xp, around 150 MB heap JVM memory left for idea (enough)

IDEA now automatically imports maven projects (oh, why, why?), which is usable only for smallish ones. With 100 modules it's a real drag (and one can't kill this process, only disable the option for next time).

Anyway, if there is *at least one* maven project imported (available in the Maven sidebar), it kills the performance of Project Structure dialog (just open -> click Cancel). My project is opened as IDEA project, not Maven one.

Filename with a snapshot is

The only fix is to remove *every* maven project IDEA imported, which kinda negates the whole idea of maven integration.


Realized it wasn't clear from the description - after Cancel is hit in the dialog there is a huge and prolonged CPU load spike, which in my case lasted up to 2 minutes or so, during which IDEA was not responding at all.


Hi, Andrew,

We've fixed the problem, please try next 8.1 eap.

Thanks for your feedback,
Anton Makeev


Thanks Anton.

However, there are no more 8.x EAPs mentioned on the EAP page. Should we expect some in the future or there will be a 8.5/9.0 EAP? Just got nowhere to download it from...



Andrew, first 8.1.x eap will be availbe in a week.


We've gone back to using the maven idea:idea plugin rather than the maven integration in IDEA because of the generally awful performance.  Opening up projects and resynchronizing taking 20+ minutes, etc.

Pretty much entirely unusable if you're trying to add modules to a project, it could take half a day of editing poms and resynchronizing until you've got everything right.

The only thing I miss occasionally is being able to click on lifecycle items rather than going to the command line.


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