Local DB2 database connection not working

I am running IntelliJ 13.1.3 on Windows 7 x64 JDK 7 with DB2 Universal Driver.

I have 2 database connections: one for local and the other for trunk.

In Eclipse IDE (Quantum DB), both connections work fine.

In IntelliJ, my trunk connection works fine but my local doesn't. When I do a test connection on my local database, it was successful. But when I do a synchronize, the "Connecting to database..." message does not go away in the statusbar and nothing but the schemas are shown, no tables. I have to manually kill the process by restarting IntelliJ.

This same database connection worked fine in IntelliJ 12 but stopped working when I upgraded to IntelliJ 13 months ago.

Please advise.

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Had to update to a newer DB2 driver version.


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