Unused property warnings in log4j.properties


I am running intellij 13.1.3 ultimate and I am encountering some warnings that I don't understand. I have a very simple maven project set up which uses log4j. I did this by placing this in my pom.xml:


and adding log4j.properties to src/main/resources. Everything is working as expected for me. When I run my simple program, log messages are displayed and when I alter log4j.properties and I can see the changes take effect so I know that file is being used properly.

However, when I open src/main/resources/log4j.properties in the editor, there is an "Unused property" warning on every non-comment line.

I am new to maven and this makes me feel that I have configured something incorrectly somehow, even though the logging is working. Does anyone know why these warnings might exist and how to make them go away? Do you have to specify log4j.properties somewhere so intellij knows it is being used? (Also, the src/main/resources folded is marked as "Resources" in the project structure dialogue).

Thanks in advance!

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