After pressing Run i have eternal "Make", compilation does not end...

i use this code

public class Main      {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
         System.out.println("Hello Java!");}

Then i choose "run" from menu, and wait - and in status bar i see only "Make" for hours...


Have tried to update Idea, restart compilation process, create new project, everything is the same...
(XP, JDK 7, Intelij IDEA 13.1.3)

Also when trying to stop compilation - i see "Stopping - Make" and nothing happens for hours.

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Please reproduce the case and attach idea.log (Help->Show Log in...).

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Hi Mike,

Do you have any ant tasks configured to be run before "make" or/and "run" actions?
After the problem happens, please check whether the build process (in a separate JVM) is loaded and running. If build process is present, please get its thread dump with the jstack utility.


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