Checkout/list git tags

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I'm trying to evaluate IntelliJ IDEA (coming from NetBeans for the Python support mainly) and I couldn't find the answer online, so here it is:

How do you list the Git tags? I would like to be able to select a tag, even if I don't know the name exactly, without going to the console.

2014-05-21 20_20_50-Select Revision.png

This doesn't look too promising:
2014-05-21 20_23_05-angular-phonecat - [G__temp_angularjs_angular-phonecat] - [angular-phonecat] - ..png

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Message received from JetBrains support: From the dialog you attached in you forum post it is not possible to select tag from the list. Bit is is possible to select it from Git Log tab in the Changes Tool Window

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Scrolling the log is a poor workaround, imagine that the tag you are looking is really old and you even remember an approximate date.

It should be nice to have a dialog specialized on tags (list/checkout as new branch/checkout/etc)


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