Run Jetty Server using jetty-maven-plugin

I have created a maven project with IntelliJ Idea Utlimate 13.1.3 and I've added the jetty-maven-plugin in the plugin area.
On a tutorial I found about the plugin it says that all you have to do to run the jetty server is to run my maven application with the goal jetty:run.
Collpasing the jetty plugin in the maven projects window I've found the specific goal but the right clicking gives me some options like Execute Before Make, Execute After Make, Execute Before Rebuild, Execute After Rebuild, Execute Before Run/Debug.
Should I pick one of these or it does not make sense and every goal of the plugin is executed one after the other?
For example the specific jetty plugin has the following goals attached to it :


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It does not make sense. Those options are I imagine for some plugins which generate stuff or for some automatization in general.

If you want to start jetty, just execute jetty:run
Sometimes clean might come handy, and if you are using multimodule project, then you need to install modules which are as dependencies first.


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