Update to 13.1.3, Build #IU-135.909 May 23, 2014 Problems with AS3


I just updated to the latest build, and an AS3 project that was working perfectly in the last versions of 13.1, now shows multiple errors (although it still runs as a debug version OK).

I am attaching a screenshot.

Not sure why this is happening?

Best Wishes,


Try File | Invalidate Caches and restart IDE.
If it doesn't help, what are the error messages? Are only addChild() calls affected or there are other errors as well? Where does addChild() reference resolve (Ctrl+click)?


Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I did try the File|Invalidate Caches, restart the IDE and the red errors are now gone. However, on the margin, the red highlighting indicators now are orange. Again, everything works OK, debugs OK.

It looks like only "alpha" is being flagged for this highlighting.


The same question: what is the error message? Where does alpha resolve  (Ctrl+click)? Screenshots are always welcome.



Here are 3 attached screenshots. Hopefully, the error message is displayed in Screenshot 2.

Screenshot 4 is when I ctrl+click on one of the orange highlighted "alpha" references.

(please advise if there is another way to get the error message-not sure how to find this?)


Error message is shown when you hover mouse over highlighted text region or over color stripe on the right editor gutter.
Looks like there are no errors in your file and orange stripes are caused by playing with Colors & Fonts. See Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | ActionScript. You seem to have 'Error stripe mark' set for some valid syntactic construct.


Thank you, Alexander.

I went into the settings and fixed the highlighting (seemed to resolve once I reset the Darcula theme). So, all fixed.

Again thank you for your help.


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