Issue with SVN working copies detection / IDE does not save changes in files to disk!

I'm not sure these two problems are related at all, but here goes.

After upgrading to Win8 / IntelliJ 13.1 and SVN 1.8.7, I first run into a problem with SVN integration. Whenever I open a project (all maven), I get a little popup error box "Errors found while svn working copies detection". It further says something about the client (without any more reference than "this client") is too old to be used with the working copy. I don't know what "this client" is or how it could be too old seeing as how the only SVN client I have installed is the newest release version, updated today.

Furthermore, it seems the IDE does not save my files to disk when I change them! I built up a couple hours worth of code changes in the project, and then went to explorer to commit my files. That's when I saw that SVN reported no changes. I opened the project in a different IDE and saw that the raw file on disk had not been changed at all, despite saving from IntelliJ!

What the holy monkeys is this garbage? Is this some kind of "intelligent feature" gone wrong? Why aren't my files saved to disk when I click save or go CTRL+S?

I was using IntelliJ 12.x before my OS upgrade and everything worked just fine there. In the end, I had to manually update my code by copying from IntelliJ (which has somehow, somewhere, saved my changes, just not in the working copy folder) to another IDE. At least Netbeans knows that "I want to save" means "I want to save to disk where the file actually is".

So. Why is my SVN version too old, and why isn't IntelliJ saving my files?

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