Student Licensing?

Dear forum users,

I'm a beginner in Java and I'm learning Java EE using the book "Professional Java for Web Applications", by Nicholas S. Williams.

The book recommends IntelliJ and Eclipse for IDE's to use with it.
Unfortunately the code provided by the book is only for the IntelliJ IDE.
And I guess that the code in the book itself is also for IntelliJ since when I use the code in Eclipse I get weird errors and the code doesn't work.

Are there any study groups I can join in order to obtain a student license for IntelliJ,  for use while I'm learning from the book?
I tried to apply for a student license, but It was requested to provide a professors details which I don't have?
Or is there a home study educational licence I can obtain?

Any help is appreciated.

Regards, Dimitar.


Thank you for the reply Milicevic.

Does the community edition support Java EE in any shape or form?
I did see this edition, but it said that it doesn't support Java EE?

Regards, Dimitar.


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