keyboard remapping in Mac


I'm sorry to say that I work on a norwergian keyboard... That makes it a hazzle typíng f.x.  "{" : "SHIFT-ALTright-(", because the position for "{|} [\]" are occupied by "æøå ÆØÅ"...
As I am originating from an X/11 environment, I am used to remap my keyboard (using xmodmap in that world), and I found  KeyRemap4MacBook, which works fine for MacOS.
Except that it don't - not for IntelliJ

I really don't care much for æøåÆØÅ, except when I have to type the names of my friends and myself - but I don''t do that too often in  code. Anyone got any kind of solution?

In advance - thank you very much

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