IntelliJ idea very slow on subversion checkout

I am using IntelliJ (13.1.2 build 135.690) for managing access to a subversion repository. There is something strange because for a small repository (near 43 MB) it is taking too long to start to download files. The same repository checkout made with svnkit 1.7.13 immediatly starts to download files right after inserting my password in password prompt. It also takes a long time to cancel de operation. I am attaching the log file of this execution configured with DEBUG log level.
The checkout itself begins at line 3227 (09:28:54,769) and ends at line 4077 (09:36:00,826). It is almost 10 minutes for this checkout. I don't understand why it takes so long. I am also attaching the my subversion configuration file shown at other.xml. Can somebody give me a hint of what is going wrong here ?

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Just to complete data, using svnkit 1.7.13 for this same checkout gives me 46 seconds to complete the operation.


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