Build malfunctioning jar for ANE

I have imported eclipse project from for create native extension. This project work perfectly but only Eclipse.

If using in IntelliJ Artifact for create jar file, then not work and show error dialog durind createt android package(Flex):

dx tool failed:
trouble processing:
bad class file magic (cafebabe) or version (0034.0000)

Where is the problem? How do I set artifact?

One more thing. If export jar file with Eclipse, that have jar 15KB and IntelliJ 1.5MB.

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IntelliJ IDEA doesn't have any special support for building ANEs.Using ANE in a Flash project is as easy as adding *.ane file to the Dependencies and listing extension id in the AIR app descriptor template.
I didn't try, but I believe creation of ANE can be configured somehow as IntelliJ IDEA is very flexible in configuration and supports general purpose tools like ant or any external command line tool, etc.

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Yes I build ANE by command line, but together with jar file.

IntelliJ create jar correctly. Problem is with its use.

Create ANE file involves much more steps and many module. It is a waste of that for this problem is not posisble using IntelliJ.

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Little news...

Error "dx tool failed:..." has been removed included MANIFEST.MF in artifact. But ANE still not work.

Is strange that Eclipse ned only source folder for generate correct jar file:

And IntelliJ that not make corectly with artifact... I am disappointed

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Uff, after many days I find solution...

OK maybe definitely is it solved:

  1. important is, changed bytecode version to v1.6 in java compiler settings (File>Settings>Compiler>Java Compiler)
  2. modul must be without node
  3. artifact should be included compile output without many garbage
  4. is not important in this case

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