IntelliJ Python Flask: not allowing new line, comma, and opening paranethsis

I don't know what happened, but now there are certain places where intellij won't allow me to use the enter key (new line), add a comma, or make an opening paranethsis.  I am doing the Stripe tutorial, but I verified this in a Flask project I had done before.  I'm not sure if this has to do with the new update to 13.1.  

In a line that contains "app = Flask(__name__)" it won't allow me to use the enter key.  

In a line that contains "@app.route" it won't let me type an opening paranethsis to complete the URL routing [e.g. @app.route('/') ]

It doesn't allow commas in most methods includeing the above @app.route and even in a normal line like this:

customer = stripe.Customer.create(email='', card=request.form['stripeToken'])
-It doesn't allow the comma between parameters in the function
-It doesn't allow pressing the enter key to put the parametes on a new line for formating the line.  

Anyone else having these same problems? I know this wasn't happening before in previous flask projects prior to upgrading.  

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Hi Matthew,

Please make sure you use the last Python plugin and it is compatible with current IntelliJ IDEA version , . Also try disabling other 3rd plugins, File | Invalidate caches and restart.

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Had exactly the same issue when upgrading to 13.0.3 (Python plugin 3.1 beta 2).
Uninstalled and installed the Python plugin (3.1) and everything worked fine again.


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