What is the status of Node.js as a Project SDK?

Infinite thanks as always to everyone at JetBrains for creating and maintaining such an outstanding product.  I literally love it.

That said, I am deeply fascinated by the question: what would it take for Node.js to be an SDK here, in the Project SDK dropdown?


Please let me know where (if) this is on your road map, and/or if contributions of engineering time from myself or my colleagues might expedite the process.  Thanks very much!

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the kind words.

No, configuring Node.js SDK isn't on our roadmap, because of IDE design limitation: a project can have only one SDK associated.
Thus, projects that already have SDK (e.g. python, java, ruby) wouldn't be able to configure Node.js SDK.


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Hi Sergey, Thanks very much for taking the time to keep me informed.  I've updated my stackoverflow thread with a quote of your answer.


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