Grails support: 'Cannot resolve template'

IntelliJ version 13.1.2.

I am working on a grails application and I am making use of g:render. As it can be seen on the following screenshot I am getting the error warning 'Cannot resolve template '_addDocument.gsp' eventhough it looks like it detects the directory 'templates' . The code screen shot is from subscriptionDetails > documents.gsp, and the template im rendering is highlighted. The page renders properly regardless of the error but I would like to get rid of it if possible. Should I be referencing the template differenlty?

p.s: This error does not appear for .gsp files that exist directly within 'views' folder, and reference /templates.


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Ommiting the contextPath option and specifying template as '/templates/addDocument' removes the error, so I am guessing the warming I am getting is a grails plugin bug?


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