Latest EAP blew up, badly, mysterious file results

latest EAP blew up, (Win7 BSOD buffer overrun .. this is the only new software I installed.. there's my evidence, your honors...) taking with it my config files which intellij can no longer read (everything in directory colors for instance produces an error in intellij when intellij tries to load it, something about cannot append to some file or other) . Strangely, it somehow trashed one of the Java files I had open in such a way that it cannot be read by any application, not notepad, not intellij not anything HOWEVER, file's iles size is still *right* indicating , in some sense, the text is still there, but the file is corrupted in such a way as to give me a blank, correctly named file in whatever program opens it.

I can even "select all" and see a large amount of "something invivsible" gets selected but copying and pasting that *something* into any other program gets me nowhere, as does copying and pasting into intellij.

I worked all day on this file and I'd like to get it back. So here's my question-has this every happened to anyone else and is there anything to be done?

FWIW I uininstalled the EAP and reverted to the latest release and probably will not be brave enough to mess with EAPs for a while. I actually have hourly backups in place, but per Murphy's Law, I had them disabled today while I made some changes to my disks. so  therefore, of course, naturally  as a direct, if inexplicable,  consequence etc etc etc  ... kaboom! ...


4111111ahhh I can see in my hex editor that the file sis only composed of the hex value 0 (zero), so it seems hopeless... still I wonder if this has happened to anyone else? I would not have guessed that an open file would be wiped so cleanly by a mere crash.. for instance, I would have supposed that the copy on disk would have at least survived, if not the cached changes ... seems odd, no?


Nosing around a little more, it seems that the Colors file is unique in that it is NOT an xml file , it's an .ids file. All others in directory config are xml based and no other directory seems to have been effected. HTH someone, it's certainly not doing me too  much good right now!


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