Changing specific lines' color change

In my files I have some debugging codes, most of them 1 line per method.
Although they are useful for debugging, I want them to be shown in a different way.
Is it possible with intellij idea 13 beta, to change line color regarding to keywords ?

For example:
- if line starts with MyClass
- if line has "MyClass" word inside
then line color or font color will be changed ?

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There is not. The closest thing you could do would be to write a regex that would find the line and do a search on that regex. You could also check if there is a plug-in that might do what you are looking for.

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After checking settings I found answer like this:

- Go to Settings > Project Settings > Scopes
- Add new scope (for example my debugging code classes)
- Go to Settings > IDE Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts > Scope based
- Find your new scope name and change its' color scheme.

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Cool. I had not seen the "Scope Based" option in the Colors & Fonts before. Good to know.


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