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Hey all,

Are any hotswapping improvements still on the update list? Maybe for v14 or something? :)

You know, hotswap is not very amusing in IntelliJ, same with the "compile"-time in comparison to Eclipse. In Eclipse you press CTRL+S on a running app and 0,1 seconds later the hotswapped code is live. In IntelliJ it's very annoying because you have to press "reload changed classes" and then watch "make" and it just takes upwards of 2 seconds. Very annoying.

Same with the initial start of an application. In Eclipse you press "run" and it's up and running really fast. In IntelliJ (even without make and with background compilation) a simple run takes much longer than in Eclipse.

Are there any performance improvements planned still?


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Yes, yes, yes and YES!

This is one of the biggest downsides to intellij!

This needs to be fixed but I am not sure if this is possible due to intellij running a separate java VM so it may need to compile in order to detect if there is any compile errors and that kind of stuff. 


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