Is there a way to run IDEA under JDK7?

Is there a way to run IDEA under JDK7? (...and I mean run IDEA itself with JDK7...)
When I try it checks the JDK version and does not like 7 and stops.

The reason is to see if JIRA-20523 is fixed under JDK7. This bug realy hits me hard. IntelliJ just does not start up with our big project. I would like to convince my fellow developers that IntelliJ is superior over eclipse but not being able to startup undermines my effort .


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you'll need to run Idea by starting it through .sh/.bat file and defining JDK in there,

you'll also need to set:

within file..

(batch files can be found within installation/bin directory)


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Great, I knew there would be something like ''
Going to try JDK 7 tonight.
Thanks for the speedy reply!


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