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Hello Peter,

Peter Gromov (JetBrains) wrote:

Works fine for me. For example,

File f = new File("somefile.txt");
URL u = <caret>

perhaps the issue is that I'm expecting something different. What is
your expectation respectively how is the feature working in your example ??

Thanks !!!

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Second smart completion is currently capable of doing the following:
1. Enumerate all of the methods of anything that's available in context
(variables and methods) and see if they return what you expect.
f.toURL() and getModule().getProject() are the cases.
2. When Collection is expected and you have something of type T[] in your context, wrap it into Arrays.asList call. 3. Convert Collection]]> to T[] via toArray() call.
4. When you have some array T[], and need T, it will insert braces: array[].


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