idea 13.1.2 locks up when trying to add/configure a server for php debugging

After upgrading to 13.1.2 - if I click run in the menu then choose edit configurations, then choose a php web application and click ... by the server dropdown intellij freezes and I have to force quit to get out of it.  I'm using Mac os mavericks.  I've updated the PHP plugin version to 136.1768.

Also if I click preferences, search for php and then click PHP -> Servers on the left hand column I get a spinning wheel that never goes away.  Usually at this point i have to force quit as well although sometimes the cancel button will work, but if the cancel button closes the dialog then things seem unstable after.

I'm attaching the idea log in case it is useful.

Any ideas on how to correct this?

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Hello Paul,

Please try to disable Markdown plugin. Also you could try to use Oracle JDK.
If the issue still occurs, please:
- delete idea.log
- reproduce the issue
- attach new idea.log

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Thanks for your suggestions.  For now I've gone back to 13.03 and will try again with 13.1.2 when I get some time.  Everything in 13.03 works fine.   If I remember correctly when I first upgraded to mavericks I also had to downgrade my jdk to 1.6 (i had 1.7), see this link here



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