File permissions problems accessing .Idea12 folder on Windows

I have to work in a Virtual Machine provided to me by a client. I have some strange problems with file permissions on the .Idea12 settings folder.

Intellij creates files in this folder owned by my user id D607522, but with read/write permissions only for this user. It is then unable to read these files! It seems strange the IntelliJ would be able to create these files, but not be able to read them.

I have adminsitrator access on this machine, so I just repermissions everything under .Idea12, so that it can be read/write by any user. However, I constantly have to do this, and often IntelliJ will lock up when some file it wants cannot be accessed.

The problem is partly due to a badly confiugured VM (the client VM screw ups have been many), partly due to my ignorance of how file/security permissions work on Windows (I'm a Unix user).

Has anybody encountered such a problem before? I'm thinking of trying to move the settings folder location in, perhaps putting it somewhere other than under my profile might help...


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You probably need to open advanced security settings of user home directory and activate "Replace child permissions with inherited" option there.


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