9572 - Major Maven Sync Performance regression

Maven sync now tries to download all maven plugins for each pom.  This is completely unworkable.  in a large project with 50 poms, it will try to download each plugin 50 times!!  what is the coding logic behind that? i.e. why doesnt it know it just downloaded the same plugin for another pom..?

maybe you can create a "fast sync" that just updates dependencies, does not download plugins, and only consults poms in the project, not ones in the repository (local or remote)?

Please understand that the maven sync is a frequently used activity.  it must be fast.  also, the intellij modal dialog issue...makes all Intellij frames unuseable while this slow activity is happening.

Given that most firms are now cash strapped, why give folks reasons to move consider eclipse?  i love intellij, but ... i'm slowly losing faith..


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