Shelve files but keep them checked out?

We're using Perforce as our VCS.  Its Shelve feature has the ability to shelve the files in a changelist but keep them checked out, which is very nice - I can shelve files when I'm about to do a big refactoring, and my workspace stays in the state it was in before I shelved.

As far as I can tell, when I shelve using IntelliJ IDEA, the files I shelved are reverted.  So in order to do what I desc ribed above, I have to shelve them, then unshelve them, THEN do my refactoring.  Is there a "shelve without reverting" option I've missed?


Yes, there is such a feature. It's called "Create Patch" and is available (like Shelve) in the right-click menu in Changes View.

BTW there's also a request to support Perforce shelve/unshelve:


Thanks, Peter - I'll try out Create Patch, and I've just voted for the feature request.


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