Sorting of entries after Ctrl-Shift-N

Idea 7 sorted the entries that are shown within the dialog opened by Ctrl-Shift-N by path.

Is there any option to reenable this option in Idea 8? It is very hard (nearly impossible) to find a specific pom.xml now....


They are sorted for me using 8.0.1.



Well, that is really great for you. Any ideas where that option might be?
Since it is working for you this seems to be just a configuration issue... Searched the settings several times....


They're sorted by hit entry name (like pom.xml) and are not sorted by hit location (like folder). As the matter of fact none of these have changed with 8.0.
Good news are you may use advanced queries like "clie/pom.xml", which will only show pom.xml files, that have directory, that starts with "clie" in their full path. So there's no need to search for the right pom.xml



Thanks for your hint - I think that will solve my problem. Missed that feature completely.
But I am sure those entry were sorted by path in older versions (at least some of the 7.* versions)...


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