Rspec 2.9.0 in IntelliJ


I'm trying to run my Rspec tests from within IntelliJ.
This is not a Ruby on Rails project, but a base Ruby project with Sinatra. I am using bundler however to manage the gems I use.
The structure is pretty similar to a RoR project to make it easier on using gems such as Rspec and Cucumber.

However when I try to run the Rspec tests, I receive the following error:

Error running base_talker_spec:
RSpec support is disabled because 'rspec-rails' gem or RSpec Rails plugin are missing. Install and activate gem at first.

Why do I need this gem suddenly? It was working fine in Rubymine, but since upgrading to IntelliJ with the plugin, alot of things are working totally different.

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Installed the gem that IntelliJ is mumbling about, but I cannot run any rspec tests from my project.
This needs to be addressed, to run Rspec on non-rails projects as well, cause currently my entire workflow is on hold because of this.

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found it....

Apparently you NEED to have a file called rspec_helper.rb in your spec folder....

/(>.<)/   |___| ........sometimes....

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Man I hope you respond to this :)

I've been searching myself cold for an answer to this issue and THIS seems to be the closest I've come.

I'm also working on a ruby project without the rails framework.
I'm desperately trying to get rspec to pick up my examples without any luck.
( I keep getting "0 examples, 0 failures, 0 passed" which is frustrating... )

Would you mind explaining what this rspec_helper.rb does exactly?
i.e. do you use it as a custom RSpec runner script? is it basically the spec_helper.rb in the ..\gems\rspec-mock directory?




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