Process kill now works great!

I am using 8.0.1 and jboss...

For the first time when I hit the red square 'stop' button while running
jboss, and I select the 'terminate process' checkbox in the dialogue that
comes up, the process actually gets terminated right away instead of waiting
around a long time some odd reason before actually killing it. Thats
awesome! Little things like that save me an immense amount of time amortized
over many tedious debugging sessions. I don't know if anyone listened to my
previous complaints but when something is done about them let me be the
first to give positive feedback. Bravo!!!

Now if only you can get rid of the totally needless 'deployment status'
window that forces me to use my mouse to resize it into oblivion so I can
see the full log output EVERY TIME I RUN A DEBUG SESSION! sorry -- too much
positivity :)



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