what do you think about the following feature proposal, I think it could be possible and would be useful:

I want to be able to define a pattern (similar or equal to a struct search pattern) like this:

$returnType$ get_$fieldName$()
     return ($returnType$) properties[PROPERTY_$fieldName$].getValue();

and then define a requirement/constraint that both occurences of fieldName have to be equal.
Then I would like this to work like an inspection, that means the editor will highlight erronous places,
where the method is defined get_myFieldA but the implementation uses PROPERTY_myFieldB
AND by alt-Enter I'm asked if I want to make the method name into myFieldB so that both match,
or the use the PROPERTY_myFieldA instead.

In other words, a way to really easy and quickly formalize a coding pattern/convention into a specification
that enables IDEA to assist in conveniently enforcing it.

It would be nice if we could also enforce that a setter for same field does also exist...

Maybe already possible, if so, please let me know how - thanks!


Another idea: if you could provide some convenient way to access IDEAs parsed source code and manipulate it.
That means that I could just write a few lines of java code like this: (I write pseudo code to speed me up)

StructSearch ss = StructSearch.getInstance();
List allClasses = ss.getAllClasses();
for (allClasses)
      List allMethods = oneClass.getAllMethods();
      for (allMethods)
            String name=oneMethod.getName();
            if (name.startsWith("get_"))
                 String fieldName=name.substring(4); //or 5? ;-)
                 List allStatementsOfThisMethod = oneMethod.getAllStatements();

                 //and so on, you get the idea
                 //just a java code access to the struct search/replace that is easily accessible,
                 //that means I don't have to write a plugin for it

                 //at some point here: -> modify the sourceCode


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