Double clicking bookmarks.

Show bookmarks lets you see a window into the code where the bookmarks
are. It is read only.

you then want to go to that place in the code where you can edit.

F4 should work, or clicking the bookmark name should.

Double clicking works SOMETIMES. It is such an unreliable mechanism,
there needs to be an alternate for double clicking whereever it is

Perhaps you could accept a middle-mouse click as an alternative to a
double click anywhere you now use double click.

Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
"Don't worry about people stealing an idea; if it's original, you'll
have to shove it down their throats."
~ Howard Aiken (born: 1900-03-08 died: 1973-03-14 at age: 73)

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Hello Roedy,

F4 and Double-click work fine on my environment.
Could you add more information about your environment and attach idea.log ("Help | Show Log in...")?


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