IntelliJ messing my TFS config up..


I am trying to use IntelliJ on the same machine where I have VS2012 running.
After creating a new TFS-WS from within IntelliJ VS will not connect to the TFS server anymore.

Investigation has revealed that the "VersionControl.config" file under the TFS cache has been altered (more that it should, I guess!)
The WS that I have changed from IntelliJ is of course changed - but so are all the other TFS-WS'es

Example of a WS that IntelliJ has nothing to do with:
      <WorkspaceInfo name="DXP-KE-ADAM" ownerName="INTRANET\dxp-ke" ownerDisplayName="Kenneth Egholm" computer="DXP-KE-ADAM" comment="" isLocalWorkspace="true" LastSavedCheckinTimeStamp="0001-01-01T00:00:00Z" options="0" securityToken="/DXP-KE-ADAM;5169b412-a068-4000-b640-4b7b2b764bd8">

      <WorkspaceInfo computer="DXP-KE-ADAM" ownerName="INTRANET\dxp-ke" LastSavedCheckinTimeStamp="0001-01-01T00:00:00.000+00:00" name="DXP-KE-ADAM" comment="">

Note that the SecurityToken and the options are missing. The "ownerName" parameter is now just "name" the time is of a different format and (and I think this is really important) - the securityToken is missing.

What is up with this ??

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Anybody ?

This is actually keeping me from switching to use IntelliJ


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