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Hi -- when running multiple threads via TestNG (for example, setting a TestNG suite file to parallel="tests" and thread-count="3"), all of the thread runs are listed on the Test Results window pane, but clicking on a failed test doesn't show any console output or assertion/exception associated with the test.  What I'm usually left with is to slog through the whole console output to locate the relevant information. This works as how I would expect in Eclipse; is there a way to configure IntelliJ as such?

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I've noticed this also.  Did you ever find a workaround?

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Nope, no workaround that I know of.  I still use IntelliJ for test development, but when running our whole suite of UI tests (a few hundred and growing fast), I've taken to using Eclipse because of the better logging.  

The bug is filed here if you want to comment:


An email I got from support said that it's a hard bug to fix, as it requires rewriting a big part of the core.


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