Add one-shot Java EE libraries to project


I get validation and compile errors for all of my javax.* classes in the project (mostly imports and annotations on the entities).

I know I can add each JAR to the path manually, like the libs provided from JBoss Wildfly, which I'm using, but then I need to add the JPA 2.1 JAR, the JSF JAR, the CDI JAR etc., that is one for each javax subpackage - yawn.


Isn't there any one-shot "add all Java EE libs" library setting, much like adding the JDK? Of course, I only need this for building the project and I don't want to download any JARs into the project's lib dir nor do I want any of these deployed to the server.

So, what is the best to solve this (using IntelliJ 13.1.1)?


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Hello Kawu,

Use Add Framework Support action on a project , which will download and attach to the module the libraries for frameworks you choose in the dialog.


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