toward better search replace feedback

Lets say you set up a complicated search/replace with regexes.

You do a bulk search replace.  The catch is you must decide to ok the
replace without ever seeing what effect it will have.  Further it jump
to the next one if you say yes, so you don't get to see what the
effect way.  You can do a lot of damage if your replace string is not
correct, but you will not find out until you have replaced everything.

You should have to verify the first replace, or at least get to see
it, or at least get to see the replace string before you ok.
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
"Don't worry about people stealing an idea; if it's original, you'll
have to shove it down their throats."
~ Howard Aiken (born: 1900-03-08 died: 1973-03-14 at age: 73)

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