Suggestions for IntelliJ 9


I currently use 2 IDEs - IntelliJ and Netbeans 6.5 as both of them have strengths in some areas.

In my personal opinion IntelliJ lacks in the area of web service support, and that should change in IntelliJ 9.

- when editing WSDLs by hand, IntelliJ 8 doesn't seem to be able to recognize custom external XSD namespaces, it complains that URI is not registered, even though I have XSDs with the same targetNamespace in the same directory as WSDLs (netbeans finds XSDs automatically).
- it would be nice to have some graphical XSD & WSDL editor (not necessarily like in netbeans)
- better support for web service stacks. We could have dialogs with various configuration options like we have for web.xml, and be able to configure ws-security (and other ws- standards), and other options of web service stack there. IntelliJ should support this way metro, axis2 & apache CXF (which is currently not supported at all, but advantageous due to usage of Spring). Currently if somebody wants to use some web service stack, he needs to read lots of documentation just to be able to configure something very simple. GUI web service stack configuration is common not only in netbeans but also JDeveloper.
- at some point we should have OpenESB support (with a designer).

I have not used the web service and JAXB support in IntelliJ, so I could be wrong here:
- it should be easy to regenerate web service java from wsdl, and merge wsdl changes into java
- it should be possible to easily regenerate JAXB 2.0 java classes after XSD changes, without leaving old unused files around

Should I post this also in JIRA or could someone from jetbrains take care of this so that these suggestions are not forgotten?

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