IntelliJ IDEA 13 does not deploy correctly to Tomcat 7

I am evaluating IDEA 13 Ultimate, to see if I can switch over from Eclipse (which I do not like) for web app development.
But so far I was not able to do anything, not even to deploy the simplest test application.

I want to build a JSF application using Tomcat; I followed this tutorial to the letter (well, almost, I upgraded the instructions to version 13)

It creates a very simple "Hello world" application.
I deploy and run it, and it all seems to work...

[2014-04-14 04:59:33,374] Artifact TomcatTest:war exploded: Artifact is being deployed, please wait...
[2014-04-14 04:59:33,992] Artifact TomcatTest:war exploded: Artifact is deployed successfully
[2014-04-14 04:59:33,993] Artifact TomcatTest:war exploded: Deploy took 618 milliseconds

... but then Tomcat cannot find anything.
IDEA correctly opens the browser at localhost:8080/TomcatTest but... all I get is a 404 from tomcat.
The manager app (localhost:8080/manager) is OK, and it shows /TomcatTest as deployed.
The exploded war artifact in my $project/target dir (the default) contains all the relevant files.

Even instucting IDEA to output the exploded var to my tomcat "webapps" dir, as suggested here

does not work.
Which is really absurd, as I can now see under "webapps" the TomcatTest dir, with all the files, but Tomcat seems to look somewhere else and gives me a 404.

I am using 135.480

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