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This is the first day that I am able to do all my Flex developing in IDEA (build #9158 with the fixed IDE builder), that's great! Having used IDEA for Java development for a couple of years but spending the last year in Flex Builder, I noticed how conditioned I had gottton with all the restrictions that Flex Builder imposes on coding. I can't belive I got my favorite keyboard shortcut CTL-W and all the others back, plus SVN changesets and the numerous IDEA features like auto-indent on pasting etc, that I had forgotten about - I think Eclipse/Flex Builder is light-years behind.

There are a few features I would like to see in an upcoming dot-release, though:
- Code formatting according to the ActionScript file template (the class level indentation, I know that it is currently formatted Adobe SDK-like)
package ${PACKAGE_NAME}#if (${PACKAGE_NAME} != "") #end{

    public class ${NAME} {

        public function ${NAME}() {


- the possibility to link an SWF using the SDK as RSL (runtime shared library)
I manually copied the stuff that Flex Builder created into compiler-config.xml
but it does not work. For simplicity I would prefer to set this as an option in the Flex Compiler Settings section.
- analysis of an XML object in the debugger (probably not possible with the fdb)

Bug: sometimes I cannot delete a breakpoint in the debugger - it looks deleted, but stops every time at execution.

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