Productivity Guide Modal Popup - how do i get rid of it?

Hi, whenever i open a project, the productivity guide popup forces me to click 'ok' every time. it was fine the first couple of times, but its getting annoying.

how can i make IDEA stop doing so?


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Main menu / Help / Productivity Guide dialog. There are check boxes.


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Do you mean that the Productivity Tips dialog appears during compilation and / or during other long-running operations? Those two actions are controlled in the Productivity Guide dialog activated via Help -> Poductivity Guide. (Note that the "Tips" and the "Guide" are two different things.)

Also, the Productivy Tips window that appears during compilation or long-running actions has its own option keep-after-completion check-box (I can't seem to coax it out right now so I can't give you the exact label on the check-box, but it's at the bottom of the Tips dialog).

Between these three controls, you should be able to get a behavior that suits you.

Randall Schulz

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thanks. i had no idea that menu option was there. seems i need to re-navigate all menus periodically to find these little gems.


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