Where to place the rule files of drools in IntelliJ ? HELP!


I have a project which I imported from Eclipse to IntelliJ 13.  This project had a separate rules folder in the src folder, apart from the main folder, for the drools files. And since I imported from Eclipse they are still in that folder in IntelliJ. In order to be clear the path is like this:

  •           .../src/main/ <--  this where the java classes are
  •           ../src/rules/  <--  this has the drools rule files

I did install the drools plug-in for the project and I also checked that libraries are installed correctly - I see them in the project field under the external libraries.- I can compile the code wihtout any errors. But I have some runtime errors. And I accidently found that some of the rule files under the rules folder are starting with "package rules.level1" and some of them start just with the file name like "package level1". And IntelliJ itself underlines the statements which start with "package rules.level1" with red and when the cursor stays on top of it, a small window pop-ups in which is written "Cannot resolve". So probably due to these errors - obviously I have more than one error - the program has runtime issues.

My first question is : Is this rule folder is in appropriate place in IntelliJ. Because the owner of the code told me that this program was running successfully 4 years ago in Eclipse. My second question is : declaring the packages "package rules.level1" is an appropriate way? If so why is it telling me that it cannot resolve? And third if this is the case how can I resolve this issue?

Thanks in Advance

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