Can't start Intellij 13.1 using quicklaunch icon in Linux Mint

Hi all first post here, hope you guys can help me.

I was running version 12 quite happily and my company bought new licences for 13 so I installed 13.1. I have both IDEs installed in ~/dev/tools/ide and also a symlink in there which I switch to the latest version. I have a weird bug: 13.1 launches just fine from the command line with ./ but my quick launch icon in the panel throws "'tools.jar' seems to be not in IDEA classpath.
Please ensure JAVA_HOME points to JDK rather than JRE." I haven't changed anything else so $JAVA_HOME still reports that it's using the Oracle 1.7JDK as version 12 is.

I don't understand why this only happens when I use the quick launch. Any ideas?

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Hi Philip,

Do you have another JDK installed? Is it full error text? Please check on how the JDK IDE will run under is selected. Check this quick launch icon properties, make sure they are correct. Make sure JDK is installed correctly, check thsi thread . May be JAVA_HOME is redefined somewhere else when launching from quick launch. May be this can also help .


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