Structural Search Inspection not working for Structural Search that does?

Hello, All -

If I issue this Structural Search:

$field$ = $something$; if ($field$ == null) {      throw new ServletException($msg$); }

with all default constraints via Edit > Find > Search Structurally, it matches code you'd expect it to, e.g.,

metricId = inputForm.getMetricId();
if (metricId == null) {      throw new ServletException("Missing metricId"); }

If you dump this into a Structural Search Inspection as a Search Template, it doesn't flag this same code. (All of my other SS Inspections work great - I love this feature!)  Ideas?

Thanks in advance,
- Luke


I created IDEA-123526 .   This issue may be related to open issue IDEA-73544 .  Thanks for your attention Bas.

Kind regards,
- Luke


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