Shift F10 fail, no run/debug save option


The Shift F10 function in PyCharm fails to run the module, but CTL SHIFT F10 works fine.  All other CTL/ALT/SHIFT function keys work as expected.


I suspect this is because I have not saved a permanent run/debug config, so I am relying on the temporary one, as described here:


When I try to follow the save run/debug config instructions here:


I run into a problem.  I do not see the word "save", nor do I see the little diskette drive icon as described in this text:

  • In the Run/Debug Configuration selector, choose Save <configuration name>.
  • In the Run/Debug Configuration dialog box, click the mainToolbarSave button.
  • On the context menu of the editor or Project view, choose Save <configuration name>.


I am running the version that I downloaded today:

PyCharm Community Edition 2016.1.4
Build #PC-145.1504, built on May 25, 2016
JRE: 1.8.0_77-b03 x86
JVM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM by Oracle Corporation


What can cause the inability to save a run/debug config?






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Experience the same issue. Found out that my Snagit program has a hotkey on 'Shift + F9' and 'Shift + F10'. For those who have the same issue may try to close another application on your windows and see when the key become work

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Jomyut, correct.

In Windows 10, got to the System Tray -> right click the SnagIt icon -> click "Preferences..." -> click the "Hotkeys" tab -> modify the "Video capture stop" section (e.g. uncheck the Shift checkbox and change the drop-down menu option to "None").


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