Empty dialogs in Ubuntu IntelliJ 7

Sometimes dialogs turn up gray and empty in IntelliJ 7, closing and reopening the dialog
solves it. Irritating. Any ideas?

Ubuntu 64 (Gutsy & Feisty) w. desktop effects, java sun 6

PS! Due to posting in the wrong forum, I repost it here hoping for a reply


I noticed the same problem on my machine (empty dialogs, dialogs too large). Completely turning off the desktop effects solved the problem.
Workarounds like using MToolkit did not solve the problem in my case.



Thank so much for solving this problem for me. Turning off the visual affects under System -> Appearance -> Visual Effects has sorted this. Good job as I was about to ditch Ubuntu.


Please note upgrading to java 6 rc 10 also solves the problem (it's not available through apt so you have to install all manually).


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