Intellij 13.1 project class path with reference within source subfolder causes code inspection to fail completely

Since IntelliJ 7 we have a standard project setup as follows:

source root = D:\src
main package: dce

example sub packages:

the java source folder also contains resources: property files and images.
(We prefer not to copy every resource to the classpath while compiling --> resources are not copied to classpath)To be able to access these 'resources' while running in development we added the following folders to our classpath:
D:\src\dce and D:\src\dce\client

When we run and debug the application, the application can access all it's resources because the necessary source subfolders containing resources are in the classpath.
--> All work fine

However: since IntelliJ 13.1 now all my sourcecode is RED --> the code inspection does not recognise the packages anymore which where also used in the classpath.

e.g. any class in dce.client is not recognised by the code inspection (although it compiles and runs just fine).
When I open a class in package dce.client, the inspection gives the following error on the package header: Package name 'dce.client' does not correspondent to file path 'client'
--> the classpath seems to hassle up the source folder structure for the inspection ??

This make 13.1 useless for us and is a real showstopper !! the same project has been working perfectly from Idea 7 till 13.0.3

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Are the foders where your sources are located detected as a source roots ? Can you please attach screenshots showing the issue, your project structure tool window and structure of your packages on a hard drive, so that paths were visible? Also please attach idea log file . Thanks.

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I have attached a zip file with the following info:

- source folders
- lib definition with project class paths (referring to folder in sub source folders)
- project dependecies using this
- code inspector in editor with example of package error...
- idea.log

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(see attachments in previous message)

(message editor does not seem to accept pasted screendumps)


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