How to use the deployment "upload to..." functionality to stage deploy a VCS commit?

When I do a VCS commit, I have the the fantastic functionality to upload all the changed files to our test server upon check-in.  This is great.

However, once testing is complete and approved, I'd like to go back to that change and upload the same set of files to our staging server.  I have the different deployment servers and paths set up correctly, it's just that I can't easily reselect that same set of files to upload to the next stage.

Does anyone do something similar or have a good suggestion on how to achieve this?

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Found it!

When you have the "VCS > Show Changes View" open, if you select any one of the submitted changes in the Repository tab and then select "Tools > Deployment > Upload to...," it will limit the files to be uploaded to those contained with that selected changelist!

This was not intuitive for me, but I'm glad I finally have a way to stage my deployments!


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