XSL files not recognized as source code?

Hi all, I'm using IntelliJ 13.1.1 version and I'm trying to import a module to a project that has this structure:

  - some files
  |- src
       |- Java packages

       |- XSL files

Well, when IntelliJ is importing the source code, it only recognizes the 'src' directory, so I can't see the 'xsl' directory
within the IDE because .xsl files are not recognized as source code files. I have already enabled XPath + XSLT plugin...

How could I import that directory into the project?

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You could view and edit project sources location here: File -> Project Structure
In the "Sources" tab choose directory "xsl" and press button "Sources" (it's located little bit above the tree)

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Thank you Andrey, problem solved!

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Well, not absolutely solved :/

One of the modules has only an xsl directory, so it's impossible to import it because there aren't java files, so it doesn't import anything and it's impossible to choose any sources path.

Edit: Solved :). It's only needed to cerate a new module and select the directory, then in the sources directory change src by xsl, and the module is created right.


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