Why do opened files in other splitted sections was removed from 'recent files' list?

Now it kinda confused when you edit file, and you remember it, but can't find it in recent files list.
So you find files through 'cmd+shift+n' and gets needed file already opened in another split section.

Well, I'm remember last files, but I don't remember which files opened now, and I do not rechecking it every minute, because it already  easier to open needed file through the 'recent files' or 'last edited files' lists.
I agree, that the signal point before file name in 'recent files' list is not really noticable and should be more brighter or made as filename background.

Btw, please, return opened files to 'recent files' list.

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Looks like http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-122366 , please follow.



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