Running out of memory after upgrading to 13.1.1

I upgraded to 13.1.1 yesterday, and found that I am now running out of memory when editing large PHP files or trying to commit documents to SVN. I get a popup asking me to change xmx(?) memory and shut down. I had to downgrade as a workaround so I don't have the exact error message. How can I work around this?

The dialog message telling me that it is out of memory has text boxes to let me enter a new memory allowance, however changing the value does not seem to do anything. Restarting after increasing the memory in the dialog still presents the same error, with the old memory limit shown in the dialog. I don't know if group policies are prevent the change from taking effect or if the dialog is bugged.

For the moment I have downgraded to 13.0.3, which uses about 25mb less memory and seems to keep me just below the limit, but I know continued development will eventually put me back to that limit. How do I increase it?

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Just to clarify, this is not build memory, which is all I could find documentation about. At least, as far as I know it isn't. This seems to be application memory, hitting the limit when opening dialogs like the SVN commit window, and when running inspections and doing autocomplete.


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