svn acting strange after upgrade to v13?

subversion can get out of whack and be hard to sort out, so this may just be me,  but I'm getting this error a lot since upgrade to 13...

Cannot run program "svn": error=2, No such file or directory

anybody else?



After reading :

It looks like SVN integration has changed. Unfortunatelly, I'm on 13.1.1 (Windows) and I still have the problem. I have installed svn ( but cannot add it to the PATH variables (no admin rights to do so). So I configure SVN on Intellij IDEA to point to the svn binary location. Looks like Intellij just ignores this setting (it would be great to have a "Test" button on this page so we are sure the svn is correctly integrated in Intellij).

That is very anoying as I cannot use Intellij (becomes useless in a team that uses Subversion).

Any workaround ?



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