Is this a bug and if so is it IDEA bug or OSMORC?

This caused me a lot of pain because it is dead silent.No errors at all anywhere.

I was writing a Jersey REST service and the requirement was to make it OSGI.

For the record, I'ld never used OSGI before.  This has to do with a hanging reference in web.xml.

In a nutshell, the Jersey libs didn't make the necesary exports in order to allow one to use the annotations scanner.  End result is that it deploys and goes Active without error but there's no web service at the expected URL.  Further, there's no error when you are working on it in IDEA because the maven dependency is correct if you are using "provided" scope. :-/   The reference in question is in web.xml. The usual entries to get Jersey to scan for it's annotations.

There is a bug registered and listed as fixed in Jersey's JIRA.  That's how I figured it out.

Jim C.

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